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Train with Radius Factor™, join our network, and learn to protect your life by developing a practical range of skills in personal protection, close-quarter combatives and specialized survival. It's about being prepared no matter where you're going or what may arise. In your house, at work, on the road, outdoors, or traveling abroad – any environment.


Develop Practical skills faster.

Get skilled day one. Radius Factor™ offers the fastest and most effective training methods for learning skills to protect your radius and survive any range of operation in private and professional environments – from personal and home defense, military CQC, and law enforcement defensive tactics, to environmental training, survival skills and athletic performance.

It’s simplistic, progressive and effective.

We'll prove it. Our training approach builds core protection skills in the shortest time possible relevant to your context, then progressively develops specialized skills to adapt to any personal defense situation. You'll develop the ability to master proven personal protection skills, combatives, use of equalizers, and most importantly, a powerful mindset to protect your life.

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