The tools and Training Everyone
Should Have

Low-light. No-Light. No problem. Radius Factor tactical light training leverages a simplistic yet strategic system deploying a high-powered flashlight for effective personal protection. Maneuvering and leveraging everyday environments, you'll learn to use a tactical flashlight as an everyday multi-use tool for searching, wayfinding, deterring threats, visual impairment and striking tactics that give you an advantage.


Effective everyday Carry

As an everyday carry tool, the tactical flashlight (with effective methods of deployment and tactics), makes for one of the most versatile non-lethal tool systems for personal protection. You'll develop practical awareness and skills that keep you protected anywhere.


Tools promote AWARENESS

One of the most unique benefits of training with tools is the visual and physical manifestation of methods. With our training methods, you'll learn to create useful and necessary habits for making awareness and action an everyday reality any time of the day, anywhere you go.


Take it Anywhere

Not only is it great for your everyday tasks in low-light environments, it can be used as a striking implement (instead of your hands). Plus, tactical lights comply with TSA regulations, so you can bring your tools and training with you on a plane and your next destination.


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