Core Training Modules


The Radius Factor™ Module Platform offers contextual training to develop practical skills for personal protection and combat – faster. Each module develops a powerful mindset, acute awareness and an adaptive skill set for any environment in the shortest time. 


This two-day event includes PTK-SMF core skills for personal protection, how to simply and contextually integrate other tools (lethal and non-lethal), leverage grappling (even Muay Thai) in a constained, contextual yet progressive methodology, and how to properly and safely validate your training levels with technical sparring or force-on-force.

For those interested, one night can be extended to include a dinner gathering where we get talk shop and eat healthy. An interactive discussion would be a way for everyone to ask whatever questions they like about how Radius Factor approaches various mindset, training, environments or other protection scenarios and envision where the training will take you. It’s open to military, law enforcement, security, corporate or civilian. Learn how to train contextually core skills for your profession or home environment as well as how to exand your skill sets.


Standard Methods and Practices that Develop Practical and versatile Skills faster.

Waste no time. Radius Factor™ progressive module training will give you the core segments for what you need to protect yourself without time inefficiencies or irrelevant training practices. Using proven training methods, tactics and specialized environments, military and law enforcement professionals need to be skilled up as soon as possible – and it should be no different for citizens. That’s where the Radius Factor experience comes in.


Develop Realistic Personal Protection Skills Immediately

Right here in Philadelphia Region. Radius Factor™ offers the fastest and most effective training methods and tactics to develop personal protection and self-defense skills to counter any attack in any environment. Tactics are learned and validated within a progressive structure in the shortest time. Starting day one.


The most dynamic source for personal protection and self-defense training in the Philadelphia region.

The most dynamic source for personal protection and self-defense training in the Philadelphia region.


Your mind is the greatest weapon. Through Radius Factor™ Personal Protection training, you'll learn proven strategies, tactics, and techniques not employed by typical self-defense programs.

Identify Threats. Starting with the training to acquire a strong mindset, strategic awareness and practices to develop an active observation, you'll learn to identify threats before they actualize which allows you to take proper measures in order to hold the initiative.


Learn to deploy and truly integrate tools for personal defense at any skill level.

Learn to deploy and truly integrate tools for personal defense at any skill level.


Leverage equalizers for personal defense.  Along with tactical empty-hand skills, you'll learn to effectively maneuver while utilizing practical everyday carry tools (including objects from your environment) deployed by a universal and validated training methodologies.

Effective skills, tactics and tools integrate to create the most effective equalizers for personal protection against all threat levels within any self-defense scenario – whether faster, stronger opponents, multiple opponents, grounded, or weapon wielding assailants.



Multipurpose and Validated Methods

It's Cost-Effective Training. We use validated training methods that allow you to identify and execute the proper range, timing, tactic and technique needed to counter any attacker with efficiency.

Proper training methods from legally justifiable tool-based tactics and techniques will immediately transfer the same attributes directly to empty-handed actions. This decreases the need for separate training methods and will develop and transfer skills more effectively than that of training unarmed methodologies alone. You'll gain a complete understanding of how to maneuver any environment, when to use personal defense tools (or empty-hands and grappling), as well as how to train and validate your skills.


Become more self-reliant by learning how to observe, plan, and maneuver for personal protection in any environment.

Become more self-reliant by learning how to observe, plan, and maneuver for personal protection in any environment.

Assess, Maneuver, Leverage and Survive any Environment

Everyday skills and practices that keep you safe. You'll learn how to observe and assess your surrounding environment as well as develop a plan of action for complete personal protection.

Everyday Radius™ training involves methods that will integrate a powerful mindset, acute awareness, strategic observation, and planning into your everyday life. No matter where – in your home, at work, on the road, or traveling abroad – Radius Factor™ training integrates specialized skills and tactics enabling you to survive any range of operation or any environment.


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 Customizable Training Includes:

  • Mindset & Situation Awareness

  • Basic Training & Core Self-Protection Skills

  • Planning and Observation

  • Detect-Deter-Defend Strategies

  • Validated, Multipurpose Tactics & Techniques

  • Understanding Realistic Attacks

  • Countering Dynamic Weapon Attacks; Multiple Opponents

  • Ground Survival & Tactical Get-Ups

  • Leveraging & Maneuvering Environments

  • Specialized Tools & "Equalizers" (tactical flashlight, tactical pen, improvised, firearms. etc)

  • Proper Body Mechanics

  • Fine vs Gross Motor SKils

  • Scenario Training & Specialized Tactics

  • Home Defense

  • Active Shooter Response Training

  • Customizing Personal & Work Environments

  • Athletic Performance & Conditioning

  • Outdoor & Wilderness Skills

  • Strategic Workshops

+ more

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