Learn The 3 Core Skills essential for personal protection – anywhere.

It's simple, dynamic and realistic. (No experience necessary.)

Seminar Overview: Get the skills to detect, deter and realistically counter an armed or unarmed assailant using the same tactics and techniques (and tools). At the same time, and with the same maneuvering tactics, you'll also learn and execute how to evade single and multiple attackers by properly leveraging your environment (architecture, pillars, tables, chairs, cars and other man-made objects). 

Through the use of an immediate action, maneuvering and leveraging your environment, as well as using a personal defense tool as an equalizer (eg. tactical flashlight, etc), you'll keep yourself protected. 

No matter if you're a CQC professional, experienced martial artist, athlete, or new to personal defense training, you'll learn something new and can benchmark your own level.


Cost: $50

(Get a 40% discount if you attended the December seminar)

Acquire Skills Fast.  Simplify Your Mind.  Act with Conviction.



  • Acquire the mindset and basic awareness skills needed for personal protection
  • Identify common threats before they actualize 
  • Utilize a Tactical Flashlight for basic awareness and searching low-light/no-light environments
  • Deploy a Tactical Flashlight as a personal defense tool for visual impairment, force-multiplier and impact weapon in order to equalize/neutralize common threats
  • Protect yourself from a common threats using proven immediate action tactics – simplistic close-quarter tactical empty-hand striking (or counteroffensive) while maneuvering 
  • Execute basic maneuvering tactics in and around man-made (or natural) environments with dynamic footwork (and/or running/sprinting) tactics
  • Leverage your surroundings for cover or concealment 
  • How to validate tactics and techniques in live-scenarios


  • An open mind
  • Training T-Shirt
  • Athletic/Tactical pants or street clothes (e.g. jeans) with belt
  • Athletic shoes (non-marking soles); Tactical/Outdoor boots
  • Water bottle
  • Must be at least 18 yrs old

When, Where, CLASS LEVEL:

When: Wed., Jan. 25th, 2017
Where: Fellowship House 
515 Harry St., Conshohocken, PA 19428

Runtime: 2hrs
Class Level: All levels
Check-in: 6:30pm
Start time: 6:45pm

End Time: 8:45pm

training Benefits

Simplify. Learn to how to focus and simplify your options (and thought process) of proven tactics and techniques not employed by general martial arts or self-defense programs. 

Deploy Immediate Action Tactics: Utilizing Immediate Action footwork, maneuvering and striking (or tool deployment) at close-range to intercept and neutralize the threat as well as control the initiative while understanding overall protection during the entire engagement. 

For example: (1) Maneuver dynamically and evade before a threat can close the distance. (2) Use a preemptive and protective strike to gain the initiative. (3) Execute a counteroffensive tactic to intercept and counter an opponent's offensive attack (punch, push, grab, etc.) 

Leverage Equalizers for Personal Defense.  You'll gain the ability to deploy a Tactical Flashlight – and objects from your environment – as an equalizer against an attacker or multiple attackers.

Gain Realistic Protection Skills. Learn the fastest and most effective and expedient method for developing basic critical self-protection skills and attributes.

Fast Skill Assimilation. You'll learn proven as well as the fastest methods for developing and assimilating practical life-saving skills in the shortest time. (In this case, within 2-hours of training.)

Leverage Your Current Ability. Walk out with a new understanding of personal protection and basic self-defense in addition to leveraging and enhancing your current level of athleticism. 

Validated Methods. The core training methods have been trained, executed, and proven in combat and survival by military operators, law enforcement officers, as well as citizens (with justifiable force). 

Understand Performance Levels. Gain the fundamental understanding of how to increase performance levels needed to deploy the tactics and techniques effectively. 

It's Cost-Effective Training. Learn the proper training methods from legally justifiable tool-based tactics and techniques that immediately transfer the same attributes directly to empty-handed actions. This decreases the need for separate training methods and will develop and transfer skills more effectively than that of training empty hands alone.