Radius Factor Philadelphia

Mindset. SKILL SET. Network.


It's your range of operation. It's your mindset and awareness, skillset, your circle of like-minded people. It's about being prepared no matter where you're going or what may arise. Ready yourself – everyday.


Mindset & Skill sets

Radius Factor personal protection and self-defense training process integrates practical knowledge, skills and network enabling you to survive your range of operation – from personal/home defense, security, military CQC, and law enforcement defensive tactics, to environmental survival skills and athletic performance.

Business Extensions

Radius Factor not only offers consulting services for civilian, military, and law enforcement sectors, but for the business industry as well. Leveraging strategic knowledge in both design and tactical fields, Radius Factor offers insight for product, service, and brand performance in the marketplace.

Making Training Accessible

Based in Pennsylvania, "The Keystone State", makes Radius Factor training and professional network highly accessible to the Mid-Atlantic region – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New England, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. Because of the efficient and effective training methods utilized by Radius Factor, our training program offers cost-effective benefits that can give you an advantage even with periodical distance training alone.


Perfect for Pennsylvania (or wherever)

The state of Pennsylvania – especially the Philadelphia and Valley Forge area – is rich with a culture of self-reliance and military history. The landscape has unique urban and natural landscapes which makes Pennsylvania a great place to learn and train specialized skills for personal protection, self-defense, and survival. From the Allegheny, Pocono and Blue Mountain Ranges to the refined and gritty urban elements of Philadelphia, and everywhere in between, Pennsylvania offers a very unique environmental learning experience. We leverage all environments in the region (including outside our region) as a way to introduce new skills and awareness through classes, seminars, and specialized recreational field study formats.