Private Training & Consulting


Identify personal challenges, expand your knowledge base, develop specialized skills or increase your performance level – conveniently.


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Specialize Skills Faster

One-on-One with Radius Factor will build your knowledge and skill at a faster rate, especially when it complements group class attendance.

We'll focus on identifying personal challenges, increase overall conditioning, create specialized programs or help perfect your skills.

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Targeted Training anytime

Private and semi-private training is for anyone interested in adding convenience as well as to optimize skill levels with focused training infusions.

It not only adds convenience to your schedule, but regimens can be designed for specific environmental needs.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

You'll be able to do more with less using an efficient range of multi-functional training methods and tactics. (Instead of nonessential variations.)

From simplistic to specialized performance methods, you'll quickly validate how efficient our training is and how far you can extend it.

Book a private training package and also get access to one group class included per week.

Contact Radius Factor to jump-start your training today.