Train and Validate. Progressively.

The  SMF Integrated Concealed Carry Weapons™ courses (Level 1 through L2 Advanced) will give you complete confidence in your ability to carry, draw, and employ all of your personal weapons and tools (handgun, knife, flashlight, and expedient and improvised weapons) that you carry or have access to on a daily basis in urban environments. 


Core Skills

You'll learn the safe and proper way to handle a firearm through a multi-level progression of training tools (i.e Bluegun/SIRT & Airsoft before going to live-fire). Each practitioner will quickly learn the functionality, handling, manipulations and body mechanics needed for everyday carrying (EDC) weapons. 


Methods & Tactics

The where, when, why and how to deploy a firearm (and other tools) in a particular range and time requires specific (and safe) training method. Our training allows the practitioner to properly identify threats and maneuver while executing tactics effectively in everyday environments.



Newly acquired skills and tactics also need a method of validation. You'll take what you've learned and safely apply it during live scenario-based training models – from one-on-one scenarios to multiple opponents in a range of environmental conditions with force-on-force Airsoft and other training tools.