The Speed Drill

The Speed Drill. A fun, basic drill to increase speed, reduce telegraphs in movement, as well develop the skill to control the movement and accuracy of your immediate action strike.

It’s combination of an old Kenpo isolation drill adapted to Pekiti-Tirsia, but can be done with boxing or Thai boxing strikes (or pretty much any system) and a simple, useful way to enhance performance attributes. Plus, it’s fun. (It’ll even enhance the speed of the draw stroke of a knife or firearm.)

The Objective: Explosively execute 1-3 strikes and/or as an immediate action while workin on reducing or eliminating telegraphs of your action while in a natural, hands-down position. (Generally done with the type of strikes that offer protecting at the same time.) 

Start from a hands downs position; and from a greater range or maneuver out of range as a next step. Strike as close to the target without hitting your partner (sometimes light contact). Progressively work up to close contact and speed. (Relevant power will come from proper body mechanics.)

Another purpose is to increase performance to strike and maneuver to create enough space and safely index a personal defense tool, OR strike and go in to dominate the engagement - all the way in or all the way out. Don’t hang out in medium range.

And trust me - the Pekiti-Tirsia jab/hack (and depending on which part of the hand or arm you use to strike with) can have enough power to detach a retina, break a nose or orbital socket, dislocate a jaw; as can the diagonal combat slap (or direct palm strike) which can also damage the neck/spine, rupture an eardrum and knock out a person. (I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of these.)

Eliminate any telegraphing in your initiation. The person on the receiving end can watch for telegraphs. Add a parry to redirect/counter your partner’s strike when you ID the telegraph.

Note: Environmental distractions can impair your ability to recognize movement, as well as a body in motion (ie. in the flow) can conceal movement or your initiation.