Simplifying: The Power of Three

(Sound on 🔊 for the whooosh) – Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, weapons in particular... isn't all that complicated. However, many will make it out to be.

In this example, there are essentially three geometric angles being used with strikes: a diagonal, horizontal and vertical.

By learning to apply a core understanding of limited strikes, maneuvering tactics and the execution of sufficient athletic performance (speed, power, agility, conditioning) as well as how to read the opponent’s strikes, you can become very formidable very quickly, with anything in your hand or without. It’s also very simple to validate. That’s PTK-SMF.

Take away the edge/impact weapon and you still have your trained mind, the ability to maneuver AND an understanding of tactics.

It’s important to “do a lot of a little”. That’s especially relevant for self-protection. You should be able to protect yourself or fight with only two strikes and dynamic maneuvering. This, too, is not only relevant for civilian self-protection, but also in the context of the military operator and law enforcement officer.

Train to be fast, powerful, agile and more perceptive – and, of course, train for endurance.

For the long term, it’s your choice to round out or extend your understanding. The content is there.

But don’t skimp on functional performance.

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