Flow x Power: Gotta have both

VIDEO: Can you identify threat indicators? Can you identify the initiation? Can you identify the flow of weaponry? Can you bridge the gap and strike without a mutual destruction? Do you have evasive footwork maneuvering? Can you adapt? How much power can you generate? Can you validate your skill? You must have it all of the above. This, however, doesn't mean training needs to be complex. In fact, when trained correctly, complexity is eliminated. This is a core aspect of where the PTK-SMF training method excels.

Side Note: How much power can be generated and transferred into an striking baton or another impact weapon? Lots if the correct mechanics are employed. Enough to break bones, knockout a threat, or more severe.

Being able to flow, following the combat flow of weaponry and various levels of precise sparring are important factors of training, but the ability to deliver strikes with tremendous force for self-protection is critical (armed or unarmed) regardless of whether an edged or impact tool is used. And as always, you have to validate your skill.

Train for speed and crushing power when you need to turn it on to take out the threat.