Extended Apps & Integrations of PTK-SMF Empty-Hands

What else does PTK-SMF empty-hands entail? How much in-close fighting exists? How narrow a space? Well, Pekiti-Tirsia essentially means “close-quarters”. In other words, there’s an effective range of applications for extreme close-quarter engagements. And it still exists in a progression. (The simpler the better, but a few examples are in the video.)

The PTK-SMF lineage of Pekiti is known for adhering to dynamic evasive footwork, sensitivities of the combat flow of weaponry and integrated tactical skillsets. However, on the good ole interwebs you may not always get to see the range of applications of close-quarter empty-hands. 

One reason is because of the training method design and the standard operation to constrain the initial pipeline of training content, keeping the training simple and dynamic to develop and optimize every category of core skills much more quickly. (This is a specific attribute of SMF which is why I like it so much.) Yet, it doesn’t mean that other hand strikes, elbows, knees, kicks, aspects of attachments/clinches/grappling (dumog), or other H2H fighting skills don’t exist. It’s in there.

You can quickly gain a niche skillset with your training or continue on with a lifetime of learning and honing.

PTK-SMF-as-technology can enhance aspects of other disciplines and integrate training seamlessly with modern tools as it does with firearm tactics.

In this video, you may notice martial art nuances that may look similar to other systems. Part of that is being projected from my background and another reason is that a practitioner from another martial art can quickly learn Pekiti-Tirsia SMF through its efficient and adaptable training method and tactics.