Core Pekiti-Tirsia Empty-Hands of PTK-SMF

With all the weapons training you see in PTK-SMF, how are empty-hand skills developed? Here's a fundamental explanation of core empty-hand skill development (H2H vs H2H) derived from edged weapons in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. (Turn sound on.)

Using diagonal strikes of the open hand slap (combat slap), forearm hack, or elbow – keep it simple and dynamic.

They're integrated in the combat flow of edged and impact weapons, used when your hands are down in a natural position and need a surprise immediate action, or starting unarmed to buy some time to get to your equalizer and to a position of advantage.

Identifying the combat flow of weaponry includes all weapons. In terms of time, money, and energy spent training, not only does PTK-SMF have great a multipurpose training methodology, it’s highly cost-effective. One system for all weapon categories (armed and unarmed).