You Can't Always Run

Class Clips: You Can’t Always Run. .

You’ve probably seen the humorous videos of where someone says, “The best knife defense is to run.”… then turns and runs away at full speed while the assailant just stands there. Hysterical.

Okay, cool. Run if you can. Yup. 100%... BUT, that’s only efficacious if you have the ability, timing, opportunity and environment. Otherwise, you must deal with the threat that’s closing in or already directly in front of you.

Or better yet, the statement “If they have a knife, I’ll just shoot’em!” That’s not always possible.

The solution may involve running, maneuvering, managing range, physical performance, safely going to a tool at the right time, or initially engaging empty-handed, etc., or all of the above. The question is: do you have a realistic training method (and dynamic validation) for the needed tactical solution?

One of the great aspects of PTK-SMF is that it supports the Tueller Principle with a validated training method and tactical execution while moving against a realistic threat at all ranges with any tool (and empty-hands).

If your department, unit, or personal training program is seriously in need of a module to simply and quickly integrate tactical solutions for this type of scenario (while dispelling dogma) — complete with progressive training methods on through force-on-force training — let Radius Factor convince you of the differentiating performance value in person.