Sub-Second Context and Timing Counts

When you have less than a second to act, can you? . Do you know how to realistically and effectively train to gain the needed perception and skill to protect yourself?

Sub-second draws are great. We should all be ⚡️ fast on the draw whether using a gun, knife, another tool or your empty-hands. But don’t over-train in isolation and standing still.

Depending on the stimuli and context, it takes a human brain about a quarter of a second to react. That’s a quarter of a second you don’t have left to act. Add more imprudent movements requiring excessive time that don’t directly attribute to protecting (and displacing) your body from being hit without eliminating the threat of the attack and you’ve got a big problem.

Unfortunately, training methods for Dynamic Maneuvering for protection in close-quarters is still an under-acquired skill (and tactic) in the firearms training world as well as edged weapons.

Go beyond the flat range or static flow drill with Radius Factor. Learn it, train it and put yourself and PTK-SMF training to the test.