Be informed, aware and stoic

Be informed enough, aware enough and stoic enough to never let things get this far:


Scenario context: You cut somebody off by mistake. (Hey, it happens.) The other fella doesn’t like it and flips his road rage switch to maximum warp. He follows you and is flipping you the bird. You see him follow you. You both stop. He gets out first. He starts to reeeally flip out. You get ready to apologize but he sees you getting out of the car as a challenge. Just as you get out of the vehicle (bad idea) he grabs and shoves you up against your vehicle, off-balancing you. His knife is out, he’s threatening you and looking pretty feral and ready to shank. You’ve got little room to move and way behind his initiative.

It was at this moment you knew you should’ve just stayed home and barbecued.

The feral fella is a jerk, yes, but you messed up by feeding into it.

But since you’re therrrrre, this would qualify as the time “to not be nice” as in the saying, “Be nice, until it’s time to not be nice”. Swayze was right y’all.

Wait, wait, wait. Rewind... don’t stop, don’t get out of the car and just keep driving. Problem solved.

PS. Don’t owe a shady dude money.
PSS. Be aware and be nice to people.