Get Into the Flow

Why the beach video? It's Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

Given it's roots, training and visualizing the system is quite inspirational, actually (especially when you have a real weapon wielded at your head).

Egded weapons are central to the system of training and combat execution – whether it's literally for weapons or skills delivered to the empty-hand (your natural weapons).

Pekiti-Tirsia can be a personal or traditional pursuit and a very functional one, too. It has modern tactical applications and adapts to all environments, tools and ranges because those are inherent characteristics of the system. It can be trained solo or in a group, anywhere. It can be trained to be condensed or expanded depending on the level of skill or context. If from day one the training isn't effective, it's incorrectly taught.

I guarantee you that.

What it does for the mind and body is fascinating. It sharpens the mind, supercharges the senses, the body strengthened, conditioned, faster and more agile.

One thing is for certain – as with any effective combat system – you MUST train dynamically with the fundamental formula of fighting (ie. Range, Angle, Timing and Intent) in order for the skills to be effectively acquired and validated.

In any case, when I filmed this footage during every sunrise for six days at the beach last September, it had marked four months of reducing my intake of refined sugar by ±90% and eating better as a whole. My joints felt better, I was trimmer, had more mental clarity, more stamina. The coolest part? My training in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, in PTK-SMF, was there to keep me balanced and optimized.

This year, weather sunny or stormy, indoors or out, find your flow and Attack The Attack.

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