The Transfer to Empty-Hands

A limited number of empty-hand strikes can still provide versatility for preemptive, initiation strikes and the immediate action for protection.

A reasonable amount of empty-hand tactics and techniques in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF) transfer from the methodology of edged weapons. Keeping it simple and dynamic with edged/impact tools, the same fundamental tactics and techniques can be applied to your empty-hands without much alteration.

Without a bladed weapon, the hand and arm become the “hand blade”.

I favor constraining the number of elements while training the heck out of a lesser number of tools for greater overall performance. Purposeful constraints for effective simplicity is especially advantageous for newer practitioners since dynamic footwork and maneuvering tactics will require another layer of understanding but will provide versatility with or without a weapon.

Once you have a good grasp on a skill, extend your skill set strategically and gradually when you reach the next level or objective.

Keep it simple, keep it dynamic and keep moving.

This is also where I say to all firearms/EDC users: learn to fight if you ever want to get to your firearm. The same applies to any category of equalizer.

That said, never go empty-hand vs knife if you can help it.

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