Empty-Hands: Your Natural Everyday Carry

When you don’t already have a tool in hand, there’s nothing faster than directly using the tools you were born with and already attached – your empty-hands.

Here’s a quick to snapshot of what’s coming in the near future.

From a hands-down position, execute an empty-hand strike - open-hand jab or hack) at contact range and ahead of a threat’s action with surprise, speed, violence of action. This is also the same tactic developed from training edged weapons of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF).

Strike and immediately range out on a protective angle offline of the position of the threat. (aka. the Universal Evasion Angle, aka. left reverse 45°.) 

OR strike while closing the gap and flank to a position of advantage. Also, known as the “running attack” in PTK. (But never stand in place.)

An effective strike, especially to the eyes or bridge of the eyes, occupying their brain with pain and impairing their vision, can give you protection (by the initiation) and just enough time to create space for protection.

By striking and maneuvering to create sufficient space first, it gives you a greater chance to safely access your personal defense tools (if needed) and decrease the chance of them being grabbed or manipulated in some way by the threat. If you can’t, then that’s another lesson, of course. 

Go dynamic.

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