In The Combat Flow

Applications of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF) while sparring within the combat free flow (with Tim Waid, Stephen Hammet and Dennis Bedford).

What Can Be Learned? 

Several things can be learned – dynamic footwork maneuvering tactics; use of effective range and timing; adaptation of continuous attacks (strikes); continuous flanking attacks, assaulting to positions and evasion tactics; most importantly, no compliance and avoiding mutual destructions. As with the use of firearms, it's pointless to purposely take a shot just to give one. This applies to edged and impact weapons, as well as tactical empty-hands. Hence, one of the reasons we train the way we do.

As it's said in PTK-SMF: The training method is the combat execution. Effectively training PTK-SMF with an inherent strategic progression allows the development of skill to increase at a high rate of speed (minimizing time spent), quickly validate skills you've developed, as well as lowers the cost of training in both time and money. 

And although they’re using rattan sticks in video, this is a critical training dynamic that's needed for edged weapons (as well as connected to other weapon categories). As a result, this training develops and maintains the ability to identify the flow of the weapon and the ability to move dynamically to increase your survivability and/or dominate the threat. 

In The Blink of An Eye

Within each tactical engagement, if the timing changes the technique changes. Meaning, when one combatant attacks causing a change in the timing advantage of the fight with a strike and maneuver, the opponent that’s reacting to the attack must then counter-strike (and maneuver) to either equal out and protect himself or regain the initiative through a direct counter-offensive. This is and can be done in a blink of an eye - but done so by developing the skill first.

Fire & Maneuver

This will be familiar to MIL & LE folks: Fire and Maneuver (with continuous dynamic movement and attack against the threat) to a superior firing position; protection while closing. Fire and Maneuver is a staple tactic and intrinsic combat execution within PTK-SMF, as is creating distance and evading for protection while counter-striking the attack (see my other article: Universal Evasion Angle).

Overall Benefits

The overall benefit beyond what is directly seen in this video? The mental and physical skill will transfer to other aspects of combat tactics, self-protection and tools, including the ability to dynamically adapt to environment. 

In PTK-SMF, a fair amount of time sparring is done in different levels of the free flow. There are many benefits to this, including mental and physical combat conditioning. However, one of the most important benefits is gaining the ability to precisely and dynamically judge range, timing and your opponent’s attack – in fact, critical. This particular element of training will give you the ability to supercharge your senses and overall physical ability. The training must do so because landing an effectively executed strike can mean the fight is over.

Stay Sharp.

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