The Universal Evasion Angle

The immediate action tactic That protects You from all strikes.

The Universal Evasion Angle. aka. Left Reverse 45° in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

So, why is it important? Why is it "universal"?

A multi-factor security system of sorts, using it as an immediate action decreases cognitive load while maneuvering on an angle that allows you to immediately evade several different types of strikes (or multiple strikes) in all ranges.

Not only will it give you the protection of both range and angle, executing the Universal Evasion dynamically will also give you the opportunity to regain an advantage in timing.

It’s proven efficient and effective.

It has a high probability of success, it’s trained to be fast, and builds acute decisive action in your skill set while having less cognitive load. You’re not bogged down by unending options of “what if this, or what if that” or "you could do this, and you could do that".

At initial stages of training it’s critical to have this encoded in your brain. It's also critical at certain points of fighting and maneuvering when things get chaotic.

The tactic and training method that powers the Universal Evasion allows you to build a platform of versatility. This is important when the need to adapt within a fluid or changing context is present. (That is, of course, when it’s possible to acquire the skill set to do so.)

It’s a proven tactic, not a demonstration of unending techniques and how many variations you might know.

Sometimes the Universal Evasion is executed with three or four shuffle steps in reverse, sometimes it’s one step while waving the body out and changing levels (or a step similar to the look of a side lunge).

It’s a highly functional maneuver that uses a specific training method to learn, as well as the context and environment to validate it.

Some compare it to "getting off the X", some compare it to a Tactical Withdrawal or Feigned Retreat in warfare. Either way, it's a counteroffensive method that enables you to immediately simply your mind, make an immediate concise decision to evade and immediately counter-strike while maintaining a safe distance in order to not be hit, or to prevent a mutual destruction.

As soon as a threat is identified and closing the distance in close-quarters (i.e. you're behind in timing within contact range) your immediate action is to get off line (and outside the line of the attack’s follow-through) using dynamic footwork. But not just “a little footwork” (although it’s possible in certain cases), but as much footwork as needed with as much distance as needed, changing angle as much as needed as fast as needed.

If you haven’t attacked first, this is likely your first maneuver while counter-striking – but can be done with footwork alone as well. Get your dose of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF) with Radius Factor and we’ll work it out.

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