More than just a stick

A tool used within a method for integrated learning. 

Training rattan. It represents more than just a "stick". It represents an equalizer. But it's also a training tool – the purpose attached to it, the methods to develop effective range estimation, timing, visual (and physical) sensitivity, angle recognition, spatial awareness, not to mention the awareness of weapons in general. (And, of course, other attributes and tactics of fighting, too).

Something that's not widely known is the method behind the flexibility and economy in which a person can train and integrate validated armed and unarmed tactics (like PTK-SMF). That includes countering or employing edged or impact tools and other equalizers for self-protection.

If you can get out of the way of the long edged/impact weapon, like the rattan stick, you can get out of the way of almost anything. There’s an intrinsic training method to gain that skill faster with a more experiential process than unarmed training alone.

Take away the training implement and you still have your trained mind (the greatest equalizer). As a training tool (when utilized properly), it's just one tangible way to progressively increase your understanding of self-defense and fighting more quickly and efficiently.

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