Do you travel in areas that require you to leave your EDC at home? Keep an eye out for suitable items to improvise as a field-expedient weapon. Most times, everyday environments contain plenty of things to use as an equalizer (or construct if you have time). 

The local trail or wilderness is no exception. Six feet worth of a suitable tree limb or rattan stem (especially sharpened at the end) can be useful for a lot of things - a field-expedient combat tool being one. 

A thrust to the vitals or a nice hack right across the noggin from five feet away can give a bad guy some pain to think about. Test your observation skills in all environments to and from your home base (including your house and property). See what you can find.

It may not always be ideal, but neither is life. Adapt. This also means it can be done to you just the same. So, be aware.



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