Get In and Get Out

VIDEO: Get in and end it OR get out and end it. No fiddling around. Act with purpose and conviction. This tactic and battle drill is one of the most core training dynamics for overall skill in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF). 

From 2011, the clip was pulled from the Military PTK-CQC System course while training with Tim Waid. It’s simple, direct, dynamic, and an everyday staple at Radius Factor. 

Forehand and backhand diagonal strikes (#1 & #2); long range to close, or close and back out to long range; continuously training it until you no longer have to think about every detail of maneuvering as well as ensuring a state of readiness. 

You’re all the way in or all the way out. Flank, nuetralize, dominate, then back out, OR evade while counter-attacking to finish the fight. 

Strike, strike, done. 

You'll develop dynamic tactical footwork maneuvering skill, dynamic range estimation with acute timing while protecting yourself at all times. This is one example of training with intent. 

The development of fighting attributes, including conditioning, will be a clear side-effect when training this for extended periods of time – which is what should be done to gain and retain skills to save your life. 

[ From the Archive : Dallas, TX // PTK-CQC Course // 2011 ]