Don't Underestimate Force

Reiterating ⚠️ : Not only is maneuverability critical for survival, but the perception, timing and FORCE required to stop this edged weapon attack is recklessly underestimated by many self-defense instructors (H2H, knife and gun instructors included, unfortunately).

If you can’t stop the weapon wielding arm, then evade it all together. If you can’t evade the strike, there are no parting gifts in the back, you’re just ☠️.

I didn’t make up these rules and physics will reveal much about this truth.

If you learn “knife defense techniques", ultimately your training partner (and yourself) better darn well be able to deliver multiple attacks realistically without compliance.

During training (or anytime, for that matter), never stop a strike mid-air just to allow your training partner to finish a sequence and finish his set of strikes. Training must include fast, powerful strikes, as well as multiple attacks (combinations) and the follow-through of each. In other words, practitioners must acquire the ability to understand and identify the flow of combat weaponry in order to shut down the attack. 

In the video above, except the low-line backhand, there are fluid attacks coming from all relevant quadrants and chamber poistions of the body as well as centerline jab. Breaking this down, offensive attacks that need to be addressed  (whether slashes or thrusts, foward grip ofthe knife or reverse) are the forehand high, backhand high, forehand low and backhand low (both thrusts and slashes) and the centerline jab/thrust. This can all be trained, countered and validated using one integrated module of movement and tactics – as opposed to a collection of separate solutions. Thus, making your ability to gain self-protection skills much more effective and efficient in a short period of time. 

If you don’t have the component of skill to truly answer this type of attack, it’s time to seek some truth. Acquiring the needed survival skill takes less time than you’d think.

Also, buy a gun, an extra knife, and train to use them for real.

Stay Safe.