Concealed Intention

Why this video? To demonstrate that attacks can happen fast, especially in close proximity to threats while movement and weapons are concealed.

[Live blade manipulations in both forward and reverse grips executing jabs, slashes and thrusts with surprise attacks or concealed movement.]

It’s critical to be aware of your environment.

It's also critical to create and manage a safe distance from a possible or identified threat; to pay attention to the hands (natural and index positions); to understand body mechanics (and their physics); to train contextually, realistically and dynamically while understanding (and identifying) range, timing, and intent within an offensive initiation, counteroffensive and/or evasion.

Footwork mobility is a critical factor in evading and surviving OR to close with the assailant and dominating the threat.

The bottom line is that if you’re standing still you won’t survive. Don’t let these strikes be the last thing you ever see.

Learn to identify, adapt, counter and gain the initiative. There’s a specific validated dynamic training method to execute this same edged weapon offense (ie. a realistic threat) as well as the training and tactics to counter it.

Train to identify the threat. Train to be dynamic. Train to survive. Train to dominate.