Training For The Follow-Through

Move realistically, dynamically, and train for the follow-through. 

Points to consider for edged weapon training in this segment:

(1) Move your position dynamically outside the attack and arc of a knife attack;

(2) Effective knife "disarms" are done by striking directly to opponent's weapon wielding hand/arm with your own weapon; or striking to the eyes ahead of your opponent's timing;

(3) If you can't get out, commit to going in and attack/oppose the attack;

(4) Always consider the follow-through of the weapon and multiple strikes;

(5) If you must tap ("block") the strike, effective knife tapping should be based on striking to oppose the force and slow/neutralize the incoming strike;

(6) Edged weapon training is also Empty-Hand training with no or very little modifications. Punches, pushes, grabs, etc are effectively countered with the same striking mechanics. Proper edged weapon training will increase your footwork maneuverability, hand speed, eye-hand coordination and overall perceptual performance.