Bridging the Gap

This is what you can develop with Dynamic Footwork training of PTK-SMF.

There are those that think attacking from long-range with an edged weapon (in this case over 6 feet away) starting with your hands down then chambering to a #1 forehand strike and landing it can't be done without being countered by the weapon hand/arm you're targeting.

I beg to differ.

It simply requires the correct precise training method for footwork techniques and tactical execution to do so – PTK-SMF has this. (This was the start of a sparring/scenario session and not part of a drill.) The best part is that you can learn it, too. Not only that, but can learn to effectively counter it all while done safely and with any tool.

This same core tactic and technique can also be applied with a longer equalizer, as well as empty-hands (combat slap or forearm hack) when closing the distance to protect a principal or family member from a threat. 

Another purpose of this training is from the perspective of the person countering the attack. Training the correct methods, you'll begin to understand (and validate) the level of awareness and the perception needed to identify the range and timing of the incoming attack in order to safely evade. If you're standing still, especially during the follow-through, you're in danger of being hit.

Never stand still.