The Gun And Knife Parallel

Effectively training edged weapons (and empty-hands for that matter) for self-protection and combat isn’t all that dissimilar from training firearms for the same purpose.

Core Parallel: 

⇢ Firearms: Fire and Maneuver (with continuous dynamic movement and attack against the threat) to a superior firing position; protection while closing. 

⇢ Edged Weapons: same 

⇢ Empty-Hands: same

Realistic training requires a purposeful training method of core essential tactics and techniques to be functional and effective. Though proficiency is certainly required, a plethora of techniques aren’t needed in order to protect yourself (or gain the advantage) when using a firearm for most common scenarios.

Yet, many knife instructors needlessly complicate their training. The uniformed either lack the understanding of a dynamically executed strike that follows through the target, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, underperform everything while moving like a drunken sloth on hallucinogens.

Mutually striking – destroying yourself and your assailant – is a careless error caused by desperation or lack of skill. No one specifically trains for the mutual destruction. 

As with the use of firearms, it's pointless to purposely take a shot just to give one. This applies to edged and impact weapons as well.

Don’t complicate. Don’t be a sloth. (Obviously, don’t do drugs.) Don’t think you can curve bullets, just like you can’t be fanciful when trying to counter someone trying to stab the life out you.

Forget the voodoo. Be realistic and validate. Stay the course.