Threats can happen anywhere and to anyone

Video: A man attacked by a hatchet-wielding man (a convicted felon) in West Hollywood outside of a 7-Eleven.


Three Critical Factors needed:

  1. Acquire an Informed Awareness

  2. Develop and Validate Realistic Skill

  3. Understand Your Environment (i.e. in, on, around; psychology, social, natural, man-made)

The understanding and awareness of environment, maneuvering, approaching/entering/exiting doorways (e.g. fatal funnel) or other similar structures, identifying body language and threat indicators – make it all an everyday practice. Never become complacent.

It's critical to develop an informed awareness and realistic skills for every relevant environment. At Radius Factor, we don't have time for metaphor. You learn what it takes to directly counter a threat and the methods to validate the newly acquired skill for personal protection.

This doesn't mean you have to become overwhelmed with variations upon variations of tactics and techniques. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Relevant to the above video, we utilize a very small number of core simplistic and dynamic tactics that can be applied to virtually all environments – and your recall of each tactic can be validated. (It's also been validated by military operators and law enforcement agents worldwide.) 

Aside from developing an informed awareness, the physical skill set needed to properly address a full power, full speed, dynamic edged weapon attacked like what's seen in the above video is critical. Here's a hint: it cannot be gained by the flippy-twisty-locky-hocus-pocus nonsense you might see by many "YouTube stars". 

It's important to note that not only does an instructor have to identify the needed solution and transfer the skill to you, they must be capable of physically demonstrating and validating whatever he or she is teaching – done so in real-time along with the follow-through of attack.

Get with Radius Factor, debunk the dogma and validate real skill. Your life depends on it.