Understand the Attack by Training It

The world is a crazy place. And when the crazy comes to your doorstep, your office, your everyday world, it'll be vital to have already been prepared to neutralize the crazy and protect yourself and your family.

In the case of edged weapons, it's serious business. As such, it’s critical to train realistically. This video illustrates a few examples of live-blade manipulations and dynamic attacks using the forward and reverse grip short knife as well as a machete/bolo. To survive, you'll must first understand the dynamics of edged weapon  attacks from the perspective of training the attack itself – a realistic attack.

If you’re standing still you won’t survive.

You'll need to learn to identify the threat, adapt, counter and gain the initiative. There’s a specific validated dynamic training method to execute this same edged weapon offense (ie. a realistic threat) as well as the training and tactics to counter the threat. Training PTK-SMF will give you that skill.

Get trained. Stay safe.

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