The Disparity

The question about training, the tools of protection in which we use and the need to continually educate ourselves inevitably comes up in conversation. It's simple, really.

It's about living.

We have to be physically and mentally better than we were yesterday. We strive to be more insightful, self-reliant and responsible, as well as influence others in a positive way. It's to protect our homes, possessions, our very lives and those close to us. It's about acknowledging the good things and the bad things in the world while identifying the distinction between them. And make no mistake, there are bad things in the world – a threat to safety and survival. It's been this way for more than a millennia.

To deny this is absurd. To be indifferent is irresponsible.

Our objective is to become educated in the methods and use of tools of all practical categories necessary to eliminate the disparity between ourselves and the threat to life, at the same time being grounded in morality. But these "tools" are not only the way to give us the tactical advantage, they represent the way to fully understand the threat we may face from one extent to the other. Realistically, one cannot effectively achieve that goal without training and understanding them.

The overall intent, however, is not about the weapon.

When faced with another that equals us in tools and/or weaponry, the variable, then, is the human variable – ourselves. So, we develop our mind and our body in order to understand more completely, perform proficiently, identify an advantage and to act true. Ultimately, all of the time, thought and energy we've given toward our betterment comes down to the very moment we're faced with a threat. It becomes the point in which we must instinctively act in a single instance while in concert with the "what, where, when, how and why" that's connected to the purpose of our skill and that of our existence. 

It's about survival. It's about living.