Don't open the door to problems

Amazon recently launched Amazon Key (see video below). With a Wi-Fi enabled smartlock, it allows you to give anyone access to your home while you're away. I mean what could ever go wrong, right?

One example use Amazon offered was essentially, "Hey, you can open the door for the delivery guy to leave a package while you're away at the office. And we can monitor everything with our cameras right in your home!" 


Giving someone access to your home and your cameras like this who's not a family member or in your close circle of trust – cameras or no cameras – is quite possibly one of the most unsafe interaction-based decisions someone would allow.

While it may be useful for real estate agents to show a home with a keyless entry (or a family member that just lost or forgot a key), this is a total security risk especially when not using the proper and contextual safety and security protocols.

Home automation technology can be very helpful, but while automation like this may be tech-trendy and "convenient", it can open up the door, literally, to very serious safety and security issues. This not only includes safety in relation to human interaction but also in setting up Wi-Fi technology and devices without proper IT security. And giving Amazon (i.e. people you don't know) access to security cameras inside your home? Well, that's a big fat nope.

This is also a reason why many homes simply aren't designed with effective and comprehensive security in mind when built.  However, having delivery packages left safely inside a mudroom or foyer that's enclosed and can be locked/unlocked from the outside without accessing the main interior of your home, this could help save you some headaches.

When setting up your home or office with wireless technology and various devices, like Amazon Echo or home security systems, start by designing a safety plan based on the human interaction required to safely complete the task, then prototype the experience. (We can help.)

When installing smart-home automation, it's wise to hire a trusted IT security specialist to set up your Wi-Fi network, as well as assess your devices. (Or contact us and we'll recommend an industry professional.)


Also, here's an article by Verge, giving you an inside perspective of Amazon Key and related technology.

Be safe and don't open the door to more problems.