Don't prevent yourself from being relevant

The initiative of mastery is important, and it's fundamental to learning and apply your craft effectively. However, equally important is what you can perform and validate right now. Spend too much time engaged in the long-term without accomplishing a purposeful short-term objective, you prevent yourself from being relevant. (This includes the effects of filling your mind with too much information at once.)

The zone that is most effective and meaningful is where short-term and long-term initiatives combine to accomplish both efficiently. This requires knowledge, design, method of validation and discipline. This is a core tenet at Radius Factor and why design thinking is valued so much. The methods of how to train and how to learn coincides with the shortest path to applying a skill effectively.

The training method of PTK-SMF is a good example of the progression needed for effective protection and why it's included as an integral part of our training process. It's simplistic, dynamic and offers a clear understanding and articulation of tactics as well as a method of validation. With that in mind, what you can retain and execute in the short-term should directly reflect the short-term training process and method of validation – starting day one.