No room for complacency

Like any other Saturday morning you wake up, make some coffee, read the paper. Realizing the refrigerator is empty and you have nothing for breakfast, you decide to be semi-responsible and leave the house, get in the car, and head off to the grocery store (turning on Sirius XM to your favorite channel). You arrive and grab a cart and start shopping. In between the meat and produce section you're thinking about work, to-do lists, constantly look at your phone and respond to emails and text messages you've missed. Your head is down, mind distracted... still trying to wake up since you didn't get much sleep last night.

Meanwhile, you hear a loud bang near the entrance. "Whoa, that was loud. A shelf must've fallen", you think to yourself. But it wasn't. An armed attacker enters the store and starts shooting for no reason other than he wants to make you and everyone else suffer.

It takes you twenty seconds to realize what the sounds are (and why) as they continue to crack sharply. Finally, you turn the corner (adrenaline starting to flow), there stands your fate staring directly at you three aisles down – and you have a decision to make.

What do you do?

I could tell you all the things you should've done long before you even woke up that day or even prior, during, and after you've entered the store. But back to reality, it's too late. Not only were you unprepared, tired, distracted, and environmentally unaware, you're without experience of personal protection and combatives... and have very little speed and endurance to run. Having been mentally and physically unprepared, you are also unaware of what firearms sound like, no experience in anything relevant other than debating in front of the TV when CNN comes on.

If any of this, even one, rings true, you must change your mindset and change your path. And change it now.

Learn and prepare ahead of time to avert bad situations even if something bad never happens. Get training from those that can offer effective training. Plan your day, your routes, stay alert and learn how to observe. Become self-reliant, be proactive, protect yourself, your family, and your neighbor. Be a good productive member of your community. Become strong, fast, skillful and decisive.

For one day, you may only have one chance to make that fateful decision.

Be safe.