Experiences Give Perspective

Insight from 25 Years

Over a twenty-five year period, I've experienced twelve different training systems, while heavily concentrating in four. It takes a lot of time and energy. The system, tactics, and training practices I've engaged in for the last eight years are much more simplistic, adaptive, and purposeful – never without validation. (Mostly in part to PTK-SMF.)

The point is that all of your past experiences involving a deep understanding – though you may not continue some – will give you insight that helps develop a visceral and intellectual perspective. This is especially true if it meant getting your butt kicked once in a while. I've dished out some and I've had my rear handed to me, too.

You learn from it.

In this quick video you see some of those experiences – Some old, some recent, some similar, some I continue, and some I've eliminated (including aspects in the video).

There are two short snippets in the middle where I was training/fighting in the Philippines. (There are pros and cons to the exampled training context, by the way.) I didn't perform nearly as well as I wanted at the time (oops), but hey, it's all about learning and progressing.

If you train, the process should entail helping each other reach higher potentials. Similarly, in being a teacher, it should be about helping others become better than yourself.

At the end of the day, having all of the immersed experiences, my perspective looks much, much different now and for the future.

– Joel LeVan