Getting To Your Equalizer


Here's a glimpse of the Integrated Conceal Carry Weapons system of PTK-SMF — based on the authentic system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. Tim Waid instructs as Joel LeVan demonstrates.

The context:
You've detected a serious threat directly in front of you and need to get to an equalizer.

  1. First, take immediate action with at least two to three fast, powerful strikes while flanking and overwhelming the assailant – which may also be utilized to counter the assailant's punches/strikes, etc. This is interaction is important. To make sure your opponent doesn't grab your defensive tool (gun, knife, tactical light, etc), it's wise to make the assailant "lose his senses" with an immediate strike (becoming preoccupied with pain) in order to allow you enough time and range to securely access your weapon/tool. (It's important to note that the first two empty-hand strikes may indeed completely incapacitate or knockout the assailant and no further action would be required.)

  2. Range out left reverse 45° with *dynamic* footwork (which is also a tactic). A 45° line from your assailant will take you offline of any possible strike/weapon he may deliver.

  3. NOW that you've created some distance, draw your weapon (in this case it's a knife, but could be a tactical light or something from your environment) .

  4. If necessary and the opportunity still exists, immediately close the distance again using dynamic flanking footwork while using offensive strikes (forehand #1 and a backhand #2) that protects you at the same time as you neutralize the assailant and dominate the engagement.

    During this entire tactic is taking place, you are observing the threat in front of you. If his actions change, the tactic changes.

NOTE: One thing to think about when viewing this video is how it would look from the opposite perspective – being attacked by a knife-wielding assailant with overwhelming force and range. If you're standing still and trying to use a simple parry while the assailant is forcefully and dynamically attacking you with a knife, you're in serious trouble. You have to attack the attack. Another notable point is the military tactic parallel on a small scale – the offensive maneuver is an envelopment.

Lastly, this was executed with a live blade. The training methods employed by PTK-SMF (authentic Pekiti-Tirsia) allow you to develop the precision-based attributes and skills needed to train with the live blade.


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