Video: Get Moving


It's simple, dynamic, and realistic. Acquire the skills to detect, deter and realistically counter an armed or unarmed assailant using the same tactics and techniques (and tools). At the same time, and with the same maneuvering tactics, you'll also learn and execute how to evade single and multiple attackers by properly leveraging your environment (architecture, pillars, tables, chairs, cars and other man-made objects). 

Through the use of an immediate action, maneuvering and leveraging your environment, as well as using a personal defense tool as an equalizer (eg. tactical flashlight, etc), you'll keep yourself protected. 

No matter if you're a CQC professional, experienced martial artist, athlete, or new to personal defense training, you'll learn something new and can benchmark your own level.

Stay tuned for 2017 Radius Protection™ classes.