Not just for men

One of the greatest and intrinsic advantages that you have is your mind. It's your greatest weapon. The secondary advantage is physical skill developed with effective training and the use of an equalizer. Today, the women at Citi learned just that during the Radius Factor Personal Protection 101 and Tactical Flashlight training seminar. 

Self-protection training is about problem solving within a defined context, not just physical force. An effective mindset, informed awareness, assessing and maneuvering environments are an integral part of Radius Factor training. When developing simple and dynamic physical skill to utilize tools through effective methods of training, not only is it accomplished in a very short amount of time but the training goes a long way.

In addition to mental skill, the physical skill development to wield an equalizer is critical for creating advantages. For instance, a pen, tactical flashlight, or other implement that you can grab or improvise within your environment used for protection. Equalizers such as a tactical flashlight is a tool that can be used to impair the vision of a threat, as well as can be deployed from a greater distance giving you the advantage of range and more time to leverage for safety. Used as a force multiplier, as the term suggests, gives you the advantage of creating more effective force than empty-hand strikes. Thus, creating an advantage equal to or greater than a larger, faster opponent.

This is one of the reasons why our PTK-SMF weapons training is effective for women (or in any case when there's a disparity of force, size, speed or number of assailants).

Define the context > Prepare the mind > Develop the skill > Validate.