Parallels of Baseball

More parallels. This time, it's baseball.

Pete Rose is a master and shares some great insight. Quoting him for instance, "never change your swing, change your position in the box." And in regard to mindset, "...never let anyone tell you you're in a slump." 

(For those of you that train martial arts or combatives, there are a few things that should sound familiar.)

Whether it's about relative positioning to your opponent (or a projectile), body mechanics, throwing a ball or timing a fastball, many times to increase your performance, transfer general athletic attributes, or simply break out of a rut by looking outside of your discipline. Some things are obviously task-specific, but it can be very interesting to find and experience similar components to cross-train. 

In Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, one of three important mental maxims is "Never believe in failure, only success." Mental toughness is indispensable not only in sports, but survival. (Sounds simple, but making it a standard practice is altogether different.)

Several other aspects of martial arts and combatives training parallel baseball. (Other sports too, but for now let's reference baseball.) You'll find really interesting overlapping specifics in pitching, hitting, and running, in addition to overall skill development and mindset. It's loaded with interesting correlations – some are analogies and some direct.

So why is that relevant?

If you're an athlete (in any sport) and train with us, you'll be able to turn your already acquired athletic attributes into skills for personal protection and combatives almost immediately.

Get training at Radius Factor and experience the parallels for yourself.