PTK-SMF & Integrated Weapons

Here's a 3-minute video of the PTK-SMF & Integrated Concealed Carry Weapons Course (L1 & L2) training highlights at a Radius Factor seminar.

Whether protecting yourself and your family in the home or other environments, dynamic personal protection is the central theme of this course — employing an integrated system of movement, tactics, and equalizers.

Featuring Tim Waid (president of PTK-SMF), SFC Shawn Menard (US ARMY, Combat Veteran) Joel LeVan (Founder of Radius Factor/PTK-SMF Philadelphia), Simon Burgess (Five Point Academy/PTK-SMF NYC), and Blair Sarkiss (PTK-SMF Chicago).

The Integrated Concealed Carry Weapons™ Course (Level I and II) will give you mindset and the complete confidence in your ability to carry, draw, and employ all of your personal weapons and tools (handgun, knife, flashlight, and expedient and improvised weapons) that you carry or have access to on a daily basis in urban environments.

During the Advanced ICCW course, you'll learn to assess, maneuver, and adapt to urban environments (doors/fatal funnels, corners, barricades, etc). Along with progressive methods and stages for realistic skill development, you will test and validate your skills with force-on-force scenarios.

This system has been trained, executed, and proven in combat and survival by military operators, law enforcement officers, and citizens across the free world.

For more information, connect with Radius Factor or PTK-SMF for a training course near you.