You Have To Move

Get insight to Pekiti-Tirsia Kali in the Philadelphia & Pennsylvania region at Radius Factor.

Here's a snippet of our training at Radius (see video clip). When training realistically to counter dynamic edged weapon attacks, and to fully protect yourself, you sometimes have to dynamically move and displace yourself outside the line of the attack. Which also means you have to have a training method that's been proven – and a way to validate it for yourself. It's vital to move dynamically with adaptive tactics (not just techniques), or ultimately the training isn't realistic.

Points to consider here: (1) Learn the methods that allow you to identify a dynamic attack and flow of the weapon; (2) time your strike to the weapon hand of training partner who should be attacking realistically; and (3) it must all be done while moving dynamically with enough range that you won't be struck by the follow-through of the weapon.

(Note: Next, you'll learn how to follow up your counter-strike and hold the initiative. More videos soon.)

This training will increase your perceptual speed, awareness, and allow you to get out of the way of any attack. PTK-SMF training is dynamic – And we've got it at Radius Factor.