Protect your family, Home
and Property


Total protection requires a full spectrum of integrated strategies for personal and home protection. Through the Radius Factor™ network, you'll learn how to stay protected while at home with awareness, defense and technology.


Skills, Tactics & Tools

Combining personal protection strategies, self-defense, environmental perspectives, and a strategic network, you can learn to develop your own protective radius in and out of the home to ensure your family's safety – traveling from work to home, on your property, or leaving your home unintended. Keep your radius protected.

Protection Technology

An overlooked area of personal protection is home security and technology inside and out of the home. With the increasing use of digital, hi-tech products, hacking incidents by tech-savvy thieves are becoming more common. It's becoming ever more important to monitor and secure your home in a variety of physical and technological ways. We have the network to help.

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