Acquire Practical Skills.
Every class.


Learn in an environment meant for acquiring personal protection and self-defense skills quickly, realistically, and safely. Set goals, increase your performance level, identify challenges, customize your training – and validate everything.


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Any skill or Any Tool

Learn to correctly and skillfully use everyday carry tools/weapons, empty-hands, ground combatives, as well as maneuvering and leverage any environment. The training progression at Radius Factor™ will quickly transfer knowledge and skill at a safe, practical rate while you set goals, track progress, and validate your training. Methods and tactics we employ are structured, adaptive, and combat-tested. We'll prove it.


Apply it Anywhere

In your home, going to work, on a plane – anywhere. Get validated self-defense training, conditioning, consulting as well as the methods to optimize your skills in order to identify, maneuver, evade and counter any attack. You'll learn how to adapt to any environment or context while requiring less variables to learn which make the skill transfer process highly efficient.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

The Radius Factor™ Training Program is the most unique and cost-effective self-defense platform you'll find.  From basic, advanced, specialized, and sustainment training, you'll validate how multi-functional the training really is and how far you can extend it. We do more with less – a smaller, highly dynamic range of validated tactics and training methods – not more variations.

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