Training Gear, Tools & Accessries

Ready to train and need a few gear options? See below recommendations to gear up for general training, going force-on-force, specialized skill drilling, and other everyday carry essentials.


Required Essentials

Training Knives

A Pekiti-Tirsia training and sparring staple. Rigid enough for contact drills without damaging your body.


Hockey Gloves

Protects your hands during force-on-force training, drilling and sparring.


Eye Protection

Eye protection for general Kali training, technical sparring and shooting drills.


Training Tools for Safe Firearms Fundamentals


BLUE GUN Training Pistol

Safely train the body mechnics of shooting funamentals as well as for self-defense training (disarms, contact drills, etc.) *Select the model of pistol that you carry.


The SIRT Laser Training Pistol

Great training tool for indoor/outdoor use. Practice shooting fundamentals (including trigger technique with the resetting trigger), reloads, tactical scenarios, etc. (Glock 17)


LASERLYTE trainer target

A fun and useful indoor training tool. Practice shooting fundamentals using your SIRT laser training pistol.


Force-on-Force Airsoft Protective Gear


Airsoft Face Mask

Training technical force-on-force scenario training using Airsoft, a mask is a necessary piece of equipment.


Tactical Gloves

Good gloves to protect the hands for a variety of everyday tasks. They’re great for simunition and Airsoft training.


Tactical Gloves (Hard Knuckles)

Good tactical glove that offers a step up in protection of the knuckles for simunition and Airsoft training.



Tactical Flashlights

If you carry a gun, you better carry a tactical light. If you don’t carry a gun, you still need a tactical light.


Surefire Defender Ultra

Solid choice. Surefire makes some of the toughest lights on the market. Good lumen output and the striking bezel is a welcome feature.


Surefire EDCL

Blistering output at 1200 lumens. The more the better. Strong, high-quality, and well worth the money.


NiteCore P20

Very affordable and great output at 800 lumens with a strobe feature. Never have just one light. One for the car or backpack, house, and on your person (of course).


NiteCore MT20A

Slim design, great length to protect the hand and decent output. Great as a backup light or traveling lighter. At 6” in length, it’s a good self-defense striking tool.


Tactical Pens

They write, they’re strong, and most are TSA approved. It’s wise to have non-lethal options.


Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

Strong, good length, good point, good traction and writes well. At 6.1”, it has sufficient length to protect the hand while striking.


SChrade Tactical Pen

Slightly shorter at 5.7”, but just as functional as the S&W for striking, or as general force multiplier. And, of course, it writes nicely.


Nitecore NTP21 Tactical Pen

Simple, durable, good ergonomic design, and a good choice for a non-lethal tool for self-defense. Flat top for proper, comfortable thumb placement during striking.

Everyday Carry & SURVIVAL



A workhorse of a survival knife. Overall length 16”. World renowned for survival knives, the Esee Junglas is a great tool for survival and bushcraft.



Great 9” survival knife. The 4P would doubles as versatile outdoor knife and combat knife.



Great survival knife. Esee makes world renowned survival knives. The Izula 2 is compact, versatile outdoor knife. Also a very capable backup self-defense knife.

Everyday Carry Accessories


The UltiClip 3+ allows you to attach gun holsters and knife sheaths to any piece of clothing, strap, belt or bag.



A slimmer UltiClip for low-profile knife sheaths. Attach your EDC to any piece of clothing, strap, belt or bag.



A short and slim UltiClip for knife sheaths. Attach your EDC to any piece of clothing, strap, belt or bag.



Add the mounting plate to customize the various angles of carry.


Extra ULTICLIP Screws

If you get the UltiClip, it’ll be worth it to get a few extra screws, washers and posts.

That’s right. Coffee.


BRCC: Just Black
Don’t train without good coffee. Also, no cream or sugar is allowed. Nope, don’t do it. Plus, Black Rifle Coffee Company helps veterans.


BRCC: Beyond Black
Do you like black coffee? Because this is how you get black coffee. Shame on you if you put sugar in it. (Sugar is bad.)


BRCC: Silencer Smooth
Make a quiet cup o’ Joe. Just kidding, it’s the same decibel level as the others. But it sure is smooth.


If you shoot the AR platform, shoot the AK47 platform. Be versatile. Also, this coffee is good.


When you need a little extra boost. It’s extra caffeinated.


Single Rounds
You’re all in and ready to go but don’t have much time. Bring out the single serve brew.