Train with a Safe and Practical progression


Radius Firearms™ Training Network offers a full spectrum of firearms training. From fundamentals to tactics,  you'll learn to safely operate and integrate firearms for personal protection for any environment.


The Fundamentals

Take this training before all others. Learn the safe and proper way to handle a firearm. Through a multi-level progression, we utilize training firearms (BlueGun/SIRT/Airsoft) to progressively transfer knowledge of functionality and skill sets to the practitioner before a live round is ever fired.

Integrated Skills & Tactics

The where, when, why and how to deploy a firearm (and other everyday carry tools) at a particular range and time needs a particular (and safe) training method. Our integrated training allows the practitioner to learn safe and proper skills as well as identify, maneuver and execute effective tactics and techniques in any environment.

Training Network

Radius Factor also collaborates with firearm specialists to develop critical skill sets that extend your range of capability.

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