Do I need prior training experience to Join Radius Factor?

No previous experience is required. We train anyone from civilian beginners to professionals and active military personnel.


Are there any Prerequisites?

Yes. Members must either first schedule a private intro session, sign up for a entry-level course, or intro group class in order to create a foundation for future training. Please contact us for the most recent options.


What Gear will I need to participate?

Training gear is an important investment to effectively take part in our training. A list will officially be provided upon membership orientation. However, the basics include the following: (2) Training knives, (2) rattan sticks, training Blue Gun pistol and holster; eye protection (sport/work/shooting safety glasses); athletic shoes or outdoor/tactical boots; hockey gloves; academy shirt; tactical pants (or similar); gear bag; notebook. Click here recommendations.


Will I learn to defend myself without using weapons?

Yes. You will learn a dynamic hand-to-hand system, primarily comprised of pangamut/dumog of the Pekiti-Tirsia system (SMF lineage). However, the most effective training method requires that students develop an understanding of all categories of attacks including weapon-based attacks. This is most effectively and efficiently done with the training methods of the dynamic weapon-based system of Pekiti-Tirsia (SMF).


Do you have a training structure?

Absolutely. Starting day one, our training is organized and placed within a time-frame for developing the most practical and effective skill sets (including a benchmarking process). A student manual is given at the start of the program and tactical notes are also routinely supplied as the student progresses.


Why does Radius Factor focus on weapons training of Pekiti-Tirsia?

The weapons training method of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF) is the easiest and fastest way to realistically develop and validate skills. The body mechanics, mental processing and endurance associated with training the system of the long weapon (bolo/baston), short knife, and other weapon categories allow you to acquire a heightened perceptual awareness of speed, timing, power, range, momentum along with strategy and tactics. This is, in part, developed by the interaction between the practitioner, weapon and total environment. The specific training method or "technology" of PTK-SMF, will create highly useful mental and physical attributes, and will transfer to modern defensive tools such as the tactical flashlight – or anything you placed in your hand from your environment.


How long will it take to develop effective Personal Protection skills?

Essentially, you'll develop skills immediately. Through the practice of the training methods and tactics that we employ, practitioners are able to understand, apply, and validate starting with the first session. Progressively, practitioners will develop a wider range of skills per every instructional period (class, private, seminar, etc) – Guaranteed.


Do you offer Firearms training?

Yes. We offer a variety of firearm-centric courses including conceal carry weapons, manipulations, as well as specialized training geared toward military and law enforcement – either through in-house services or through our strategic network. Courses are highly safe and carried out in progressive stages which may include Laserlyte/SIRT, Airsoft, dry-fire and live-fire training.


Do you offer group classes or only courses?

We offer group training through three main course categories – Personal Protection, Professional (MIL/LE/SEC) and Athletic. We also offer private training for convenience, as well as monthly training intensives (seminars) for skill optimization. Specialized outdoor skill & recreation courses are currently seminar-based collaborations or community-based. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Our Greater Philadelphia service area includes:

Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill, Wyndmoor, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, King of Prussia, Phoenixville, Gladwyne, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Villanova, Radnor, Wayne, Berwyn, Paoli, Malvern, Frazer, Exton, West Chester, Newtown Square, and more.


We'll Range Out

Whether it's for private training, group training, seminars or consulting, Radius Factor can also come to you. We'll drive out, fly out, or range out anywhere. Contact us today to set up a training group or seminar.