Radius ENV™


Inform, Leverage, Maneuver, Survive

Whether it's mental, physical, social, man-made or natural, environment is a critical factor in any situation. Understanding the context of environment will ultimately determine the tactics and skills needed for survival.

Radius Factor™ puts it all together.


Radius ENV™ is a specialized training method and process to inform your awareness enabling you to create an adaptable mindset and skillset for any environmental context or scenario. It's a necessary component to not only adapt but to also inform and optimize your awareness, skill and understanding of the world around you. This, too, needs an efficient and progressive training method.


In, On, and Around

Your environment will dictate how you'll respond to any given situation. We distinguish “environment” as "anything in, on or around you". An example of “in” can mean your mental state, being injured or in a threatening societal context; “on” could be illustrated as wearing bulky clothing or gear; “around” can refer to architecture, slippery floors, rocky terrain, social surroundings, etc. How you sense and interact with these environmental conditions can influence the difference between surviving an altercation or winding up in the hospital. Yet, so few integrate this into their training method and standard everyday practice.

Understanding Environments

With Radius Environmental Training, you'll learn how to observe, assess and understand environments whether it's related to your home, office, urban environments, traveling, or the trail. This includes human and social interaction and behaviors; current local or worldly events; understanding the functional elements of a city or suburb; the architectural design of an office or home; natural and man-made barriers, natural terrain and topography; high-light, low-light, no-light environments; and atmospheric/weather conditions, as well as using your own sensory perception. 




Having the appropriate mindset, training methodology and learning to adapt is vital. Awareness, recognition, and understanding of physical and visual sensitivities are important aspects of our training. Gaining skills to leverage your environment – identify or improvise weapons/tools, in addition to integrating cover, concealment and evasion tactics – can mean all the difference in your survival. These elements of personal protection will help create an "equalizer" to effectively and realistically neutralize any threat.

Observation, Assessment and PLANNING

Once you grasp what and how to observe, understand, navigate and adapt to environments, a practice of advance planning and observation will become your standard and intrinsic practice. Radius Factor™ Training simplifies the process. Starting day one, you'll learn the most efficient integrated practices and procedures that keep you protected as you move about your world. Adapting to common, potentially compromising or worst-case scenarios can be mitigated with proper training, knowledge, information and a truly informed awareness.


Take your personal protection a level further with outdoor experiences and survival training. It can be as simple developing the skills to navigate, building a fire and shelter or surviving extreme conditions for extended periods of time by increasing your range of skill sets.

Inform Your Awareness