Defensive Tactics Training


Develop high-performance mental and physical skills, increase safety, and reduce department liability. The SMF Defensive Tactics System is the most dynamic and realistic training system on the market.


Making the decision-making cycle more Effective

Officers will learn and practice tactics, techniques and drills in order protect themselves and obtain a more effective position. Once that position is gained, the student will now have more time for the decision-making cycle to occur. From that position the practitioner will have the option to disengage to utilize the firearm, retreat and regroup, or disarm the suspect.

The Safety Baton System provides the Law Enforcement Officer the most effective method for understanding range, timing, intent, and dynamic engery of any attack in close-quarters. Utilizing the Baton as an impact tool, the system of PTK-SMF will enable the officer to dynamically position in a protective range to effectively deliver defensive strikes and potentially limit the need for a greater use of force. This course will provide proper skill development that will instill confidence in the officer to properly and effectively use the Baton as an intermediate use of force tool.



The dynamic footwork system in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is second to none. It offers superior evasiveness, agility, and speed to evade attacks while quartering and overtaking your opponent like no other system. Many self-defense and combat engagements can be countered or evaded with footwork alone.


Edged Weapon Survival

A knife-wielding assailant is extremely dangerous in close-quarters. When it comes to countering edged weapon attacks in extreme close-quarters, effective empty-hand and maneuvering tactics are critical components before getting to an equalizer. To facilitate this, a training method to develop and validate mental and physical skills to effectively deploy proven armed and unarmed tactics at the right range and time. This is critical for survival and a key reason why PTK-SMF training is absolutely necessary for Law Enforcement professionals. You will gain a keen sense of awareness, identify threats faster, dynamically maneuver within any environment to counter close-quarter attacks with a greater chance of survival than by any other system provided today.


Validated Core Training

The core of this program leverages the mental and physical attributes gained by training Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (SMF)

Perceptual performance, decision-making speed, and proprioception abilities that Pekiti-Tirsia develops are built at a dynamic rate. This also enables the officer to assimilate skills in a cost-effective manner. And because of the limited time (and resources) an officer has to train, a condensed format of universal training methods and tactics are structured to develop attributes in each student as fast as possible – complete with a safe and effective live-scenario process for validation.

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