Boost Morale. Skillfully.


From Personal Safety to Fitness and other experiences, team up with Radius Factor™. Using unique training methods, the Radius Factor™ Team & Wellness program develops a powerful mindset, useful skills and overall increased health for your entire team.


everyday office tools for self-defense

Mindset & Skill Sets

Effective training begins and ends with the mind. Your team will develop a meaningful mindset as well as will gain more confidence with new powerful and useful skills – Together.

You'll learn to skillfully maneuver any environment, using everyday tools (tactical flashlight, pen, empty-hands, etc) for personal protection, as well as increase fitness levels.


practical stress relief

Practical Stress Relief

Our training not only builds multipurpose skills, it's a great (and safe) stress reliever. And less stress means having a more effective mind and body.

No matter where your team goes, their skills go with them – at home, on the road, or traveling abroad. Rest assured, your team will feel safer, more confident and healthier.

Morale Builders

The Radius Factor™ offers an exciting, useful, and cost-effective way to promote both the individual and team building experience.

Set goals, track progress, and feel energized while developing practical skills and morale. From core training and specialized workshops, we can help you offer meaningful, life-saving benefits to your team.


The Radius Factor™ Experience will not only boost morale, It will quickly develop a strategic mindset, Increase your Cognitive skills, and build other useful skill sets for Self-protection while relieving stress.

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