Radius Factor™ Training integrates universal strategy, tactics and tools for complete personal protection and close-quarter combatives for any environment or situation. And you'll do it in the shortest time possible.


Six Core Benefits

(1) Develop a realistic and powerful mindset

(2) Acquire proven skills immediately for awareness, observation, maneuvering for personal protection

(3) Adapt to any range, timing, dynamic of attack, environment or total scenario

(4) Employ and integrated self-defense tools to equalize any threat and allowing you to gain the advantage

(5) Develop greater perceptual speed, physical agility, explosiveness, endurance, and overall discipline

(6) Leverage strategic, ongoing training methodologies to advance your skills as well as mental and physical health



From Everyday self-Protection Training to Specialized Professional Programs.

Not only do we build a dynamic multi-purpose skill set – for anyone – a strong focus is placed on how to train and acquire the most practical skills for personal protection and close-quarter applications in a short amount of time without sacrificing effectiveness. After a base platform of skill is developed, our training methods, as well as our network can extend into specialized skills – From Home Defense, Information Technology, Integrated Weapons and Tactical Training, to Environmental, Outdoor Skills and Athletic Performance.



Versatile, scalable and Validated

The Radius Factor™ Training Program is divided into universal training models that are trained separately and/or ultimately overlaid in various environmental scenarios.

While Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF) is at the core of our training methodologies and mastery, specialized training modules are integrated peripherally and progressively (e.g. Mindset & Awareness, CQC, Integrated Weapons/Tools, Ground Combatives, Environmental).

Every Advantage

The core training process not only involves learning to use your body's natural weapons, but everyday carry tools and field-expedient weapons for self-defense. Training with tools enhances your situational awareness, visual acuity and physical skills, as well as they become "equalizers" in order to gain the advantage against a disparity of force or multiple opponents.

From this training process, the greatest advantage and tool for personal protection is developed – the mind.


Phase I:

Mindset & Basic Training


You have to walk before you run. However, at the same time, learning to protect yourself using a solid mindset and high-performance skill sets from day one is critical. Radius Basic Training builds a foundation for overall development and immediate personal protection and self-defense skills and tactics that can be assimilated and validated during every training session.

The training methods involve stacking interconnected skills and tactics allowing for a safe, effective and efficient learning progression.

You'll acquire a practical mindset and skill set to actively observe your surroundings, identify possible threats, and act strategically.

Phase II:

Multi-purpose Training


Radius Factor™ Training Models are highly realistic, optimized, and contextual multi-purpose personal protection tactics. You'll build an effective mindset, greater awareness, as well as a broader range of self-defense and close-quarter combat skills – again, in the shortest time possible.

The Training Models integrate functional performance training and yield extremely fast and effective results that address a wide range of applications while still using a small core of multi-purpose tactics. Within six months (Phases I & II) you'll develop an effective base for practical self-defense, awareness, and a solid platform to build upon.

Sense perception, proprioception, and your ability for situational awareness is developed at a dynamic rate.

Phase III:

Ongoing Mastery Training


While Phase II Training Models offer a well-rounded base to build from, Mastery Training, or "ongoing craftsman training", is a layer of training to further hone your skills that increases your understanding and perception for flow of movement, range, timing, tactics and scenarios more completely. Additionally, Mastery Training creates an effective practice over the long-term to develop versatile and greater all-round skill sets.

Perception as well as environmental awareness will be increased tenfold with this process.

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